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The Benefits of Journalism

Brother Lane Williams, a Communications Professor at BYU-I, gave an inspiring presentation about the power of news, the reliance the world has on news, and the strongest medium for receiving news—journalism. Brother Williams issued some "challenges", as he called them, to the Communications Students. There were a few that really stuck out to me. The… Continue reading The Benefits of Journalism

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Make Photography Look Like Magic!

That's right. Those instagram pictures that your friends post always seem beyond your ability, but if you follow these three, simple steps, your Instagram pictures will become visual masterpieces that even your frenemies will admire. Rule of Thirds When the image is sectioned into these nine, equidistant rectangles, the symmetry is clearly identified. The building is… Continue reading Make Photography Look Like Magic!


Experience—Scroll and Soapbox

Communications is a very exciting topic. On campus at Brigham Young University-Idaho, there are many opportunities to gain experience that is preparatory for future careers. Today in Comm 100, we had visitors from various campus groups--Soapbox and Scroll. Soapbox is the advertising agency on campus, and Scroll is the newspaper. Scroll really interested me because… Continue reading Experience—Scroll and Soapbox

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Typography is Good for the Soul

Especially when it is an uplifting statement, like the following: This is a picture quote from an Instagram user, @lift.inspire.share. I chose this item to analyze for a reverse engineer post because it is a great example of how to use typography to your advantage. There are multiple elements and a strong sense of contrast,… Continue reading Typography is Good for the Soul

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The Reverse Engineering of Iron Man

Sorry, Iron Man, but it's my turn to engineer something. You can take a seat for this one. This is an official Avengers Age of Ultron poster, directly from the Marvel's website, This is an incredible poster. It is very visually appealing, simple, and simply AWESOME because it is Marvel. The Marvel designers created it,… Continue reading The Reverse Engineering of Iron Man