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Typography is Good for the Soul

Especially when it is an uplifting statement, like the following: This is a picture quote from an Instagram user, @lift.inspire.share. I chose this item to analyze for a reverse engineer post because it is a great example of how to use typography to your advantage. There are multiple elements and a strong sense of contrast,… Continue reading Typography is Good for the Soul

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The Reverse Engineering of Iron Man

Sorry, Iron Man, but it's my turn to engineer something. You can take a seat for this one. This is an official Avengers Age of Ultron poster, directly from the Marvel's website, This is an incredible poster. It is very visually appealing, simple, and simply AWESOME because it is Marvel. The Marvel designers created it,… Continue reading The Reverse Engineering of Iron Man


Connected, But Alone: A Summary

Sherry Turkle, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, discusses the dangers of our society’s current dependence on technology in her article “Connected, But Alone?” to reach the conclusion that our focus on technology is robbing us of our skills in communication. She deliberates the different ways that people lose communication skills, such as… Continue reading Connected, But Alone: A Summary