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Black and White Ad Campaign

Great things come in black and white. Especially when it’s made by Nabisco, and they’re Oreo’s.

Nabisco made a really great ad campaign for Oreo, and I created another ad as part of the same campaign for my wonderful design class. I also created and designed a slide presentation to point out the various elements of each ad.  What you see below is the slide presentation.


Project Specifics

There were some requirements for this project, such as having six or more slides, creating the new ad to match in the same campaign, and keeping only one idea per slide. We also were expected to reverse engineer the original ad and point out why the new ad fits in the campaign. These minimum requirements are met, as you can see above.

I photographed the images of the Oreo used in the new ad, as seen below:


Target Audience

I came up with the idea to do the 2017 super solar eclipse as my event because it is going to be very big in Rexburg, which is where I am attending school, currently. The message it portrays is “The solar eclipse is too big of a deal not to snack on Oreo’s while you watch it!” Thus, my target audience is specifically Super Solar Eclipse watchers. This design appeals to my target audience because they all are “super” excited for the solar eclipse and will want to get Oreo’s to watch it happen.

Design Analysis

The design was quite simple because I wanted to keep it as similar to the original Oreo campaign as I could. As far as colors go, I chose to do black and white for the slide itself because those are Oreo colors, and I used the blue line as the only accent color to utilize repetition in the ad throughout the entire slide presentation. The ads are very similar and there is a lot of repetition throughout all design principles. This is evident in the proximity of the words, letters and logo; the contrast between the white, black and blue colors throughout the image; and the repetition of typography, Oreo size and utilizing the frosting on the Oreo to emphasize the symbol.

The typography was interesting because I wanted to make sure the text had uniformity throughout the entire presentation. I decided to use the same font that I used in the new ad as the title, and to use a serif font as the descriptions on each slide to make them easy to read but still noticeably different. I also used all caps in my titles because the ad uses caps for their text.


Working on this slide presentation created within myself an insatiable desire for Oreo’s and a tall glass of milk. There is great power in suggestive images such as an Oreo made to look like a panda or a solar eclipse. The ad campaign created by Nabisco is an ingenious way to promote Oreo sales, but the viewers seldom realize the important design principles that go into it as well. But, thanks to my design class, I have learned and hopefully taught you, dear reader, a thing or two about the power of design.

I’m going to go buy some Oreo’s.


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