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An Iconic Night at the Opera House

Phantom of the Opera is a classic musical that has mystery, deception, operas, and danger. With the Phantom lurking, anybody is within reach with his “magical lassoo,” as cast members put it.

Phantom Icons PNG

The target audience is fans like myself who love Phantom of the Opera- whether they are closet fans or public fans. These icons are meant to portray some of the most iconic objects from the musical and remind viewers of the emotions and excitement they feel whenever they watch Phantom of the Opera. Thus, the audience will mainly be young adults and adults who enjoy musicals and drama. These icons are appealing to this audience because they are simple yet clear on the message portrayed.


Chandelier PNG 60px

This chandelier is my first icon. It is made with a simple two-tone set of colors—gold and off-white. I made it out of ellipses and rounded rectangles. The design is simple yet dramatic to help the audience identify it as clearly the chandelier from the musical. Because of the design choice, this chandelier does not include lights or diamonds and glass like the original likely had. Instead, it is simple and clear.

Chandelier PNG 400px

The contrast is evident between the chandelier and the background, as well as the gold compared to the glass/diamonds. The gold is consistent and repetitive, and the curves of the chandelier are symmetrical. The chandelier hangs in the middle of the icon, which sets it as clearly the main object. I didn’t include any additional pieces because I wanted the icon to be simple and evident.


Mask PNG 60px

The Phantom Mask was a very tricky icon to create because it has curves that turn inward and curves that turn outward, as well as sharp edges and contouring. Because I am going for a simple design, I purposefully left out contouring of the cheekbone and brow bone, which is typically on the actual item. To make the Phantom more mysterious, I shaped his eye in this curved and angular shape so it would demonstrate something sinister. There are many different mask shapes, depending on the source and version of the musical, so I picked a shape that would make it easily recognizable as a mask, but more particularly, as Phantom’s mask.

Mask PNG 400px

The color was very simple for the icon, but most elements of design are missing from this icon because of it’s simplicity. I designed this by imagining a face behind the mask, and created it around the places where the mouth, nose, and eyes would be. The repetition is the symmetry of the mask, even though the shape itself is very oblong. Typical alignment and proximity on a face includes the eyes being in the right place, on the part of the face that we’d imagine it to be. This was mainly the focus I had when designing this icon. Contrast is evident in the dark background with the white mask, which emphasizes it’s shape and defines it as the mask.


Noose PNG 60px

The noose was very fun to create because I had the challenge of making the thick rope at the very top of the neck-hole, and then making it get thinner as it went out. I used ellipses and rounded rectangles for this icon as well. The ellipses make up the noose itself, and the rounded rectangles are what I used to make the thin rope strands wrapped around each other. I used a slight stroke to help the audience see the difference between the rope strands.

Noose PNG 400px

For the stroke on the neck of the noose, I used a gold color that was slightly darker to mimic the shadow or different thread depth that would be in an actual rope. Again, the simple design allowed the rope to be plain without much adornment. Repetition and proximity is clear in the neck of the noose, with the ropes wrapping around each other over and over. Repetition also appears with the rope width as the same all around the icon. The color is the same color as the chandelier gold.


Rose PNG 60px

The rose was tricky for a few different reasons- It’s color was different than the other icons, as a flower it is naturally more intricate and not so simple, and adding a stem would add an additional color (green) that would also be out of the color theme. I decided to create a floating rose bud, separating the petals on the rose to emphasize each petal. I used ellipses to form the petals. Because I chose to omit a stem, I was able to make the rose bigger and more prominent, to equal the size of the other icons.

Rose PNG 400px

The color was obviously a different color than the rest, but I chose to keep it red to add to the contrast in the set. Because of the red, it draws the attention of the viewer to the flower. The flower itself is a significant icon in the theme because it represents Christine, the female lead, and the Phantom’s love for her. This is the theme of the entire musical, and the driver for the plot. I chose to place the fallen petals on the bottom of the icon in close proximity to signify Christine’s non-reciprocation of the Phantom’s love.


The story of The Phantom of the Opera is a daring adventure with danger, romance, and a classic love triangle. The message is simple, yet can be so deep for those who seek for deeper meaning. The icons above portray the main symbols and icons in this iconic story in a very transparent manner. Viewers who see these icons are reminded of the drama involved. When they view these icons, they know they are in for another iconic night in the opera house.


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