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Will it Matter in 1,000 Years?- A Magazine Spread has many great articles. One of my favorite articles found on that website is called “One Question that Puts Life in Perspective”, by Stephen Jones. I created a magazine spread for his article as part of a class assignment at BYU-I, and would like to present it to you in this blogpost. I know, you’re super excited for this.


Main Design Decisions

This project was really fun to create because I had the opportunity to apply the principles of design as I saw fit. For example, I decided to use the same size box for both original pictures, just rotating the second one horizontally to create both repetition and some contrast in the same element. I also decided to use two columns instead of three to make it easier for the reader to understand the spread. Another major decision I made was where to put the headings. The original article doesn’t have any headings, so I had to look at the content and decide where headings would best fit, and what they would categorize.

Principles of Design

Like mentioned above, the contrast of images sizes are The colors for the pages match the colors in the images, but are contrasting, again, to add variety to the article. The color choices were meant to be noticeable but not detract from the appearance of the spread.

I used two contrasting typefonts. Script was used for the headings and title, and Sans Serif was used for the body to make it easy to read. I also contrasted the sizes between headings and body.

Proximity and alignment was repeated throughout the article. The title, author’s name, and “continue reading” at the bottom were all right aligned, but the body and headings were right aligned to create a separation between the two groups. The headings were in direct proximity with the body beneath it.

The photography used was intended to inspire thoughts of self-reflection and application to ourselves by having images of nature and religious buildings.

Target Audience

My target audience was millennials that are making big decisions in their lives. The article addresses some concerns they might have in a personal way, and the fact that the principles are taught by an experience makes it entertaining and readable. The simple background keeps the focus on the article, and the simple yet vivid images provoke reflection in the audience.


Using InDesign to create this magazine spread was a new experience for me because I wasn’t too familiar with the program. But after creating it, I am a lot more experienced and comfortable with the program. I feel I appreciate more the time and effort it takes into creating a piece such as a magazine spread. There are so many more elements involved in it than we often think about.


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