Comm Writing

The Benefits of Journalism

Brother Lane Williams, a Communications Professor at BYU-I, gave an inspiring presentation about the power of news, the reliance the world has on news, and the strongest medium for receiving news—journalism.

Brother Williams issued some “challenges”, as he called them, to the Communications Students. There were a few that really stuck out to me.

The first is to read the news. Duh! Knowledge is power, and we gain knowledge, particularly about current events, by reading the news. Williams emphasized how important it is to read and be aware of what is happening in the world, especially in our fields of interest.

It is a choice to be informed.

Another challenge he issued is to keep a blog and write regular content for it. (I’m a little ahead of him on this one.) He stressed the value that adding updated content onto a domain like a blog is critical for our careers. Another lesson he taught is that my career has already started. I am working now for what I want to do. Marketing, networking, and writing is all something I need to be doing now to prepare for my future career.

He also taught us about content marketing, and the value it plays in the journalism world. As our audience’s attention shifts, and their medium of choice changes, so must the news! This is how the news keeps being shared.

It was a great lecture that taught me many valuable tips. There are so many benefits of journalism!


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