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Communication Portfolio

The following link will open a PDF of my portfolio. Professional Portfolio 2018 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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Organizational Communication and Advocacy

This is MY emphasis! I am super excited for this one because I love this emphasis. It's all what I want to do with my life. This emphasis teaches skills like working in a team, decision making and problem solving, verbal communication, organization and prioritizing, and influencing others. This emphasis is helping me to prepare… Continue reading Organizational Communication and Advocacy

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5/24/18 Video Production and Broadcasting

People are interested in watching sports and ceremonies live. Not so much news, now-a-days. That is what broadcasting journalism is moving towards. Live coverage is a fast-moving, chaotic yet organized field. Video production and broadcasting only needs a handful of people who wear multiple hats, and there are so many opportunities in that field! The… Continue reading 5/24/18 Video Production and Broadcasting

Professional Presentations

TED Talk Outline

Introduction Temple Attendance Wishlist to Lifestyle The Problem Goals Money, graduating, health, spiritual Set goals—nothing happens How to we get things done? Priorities Missionary planner Caused productivity, motivation, felt successful Not successful AFTER mission! Priorities changed Can’t just change priorities because you think you should Priorities went from baptize converts to be entertained How do… Continue reading TED Talk Outline