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The following link will open a PDF of my portfolio. Communication Portfolio PDF Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Professional Presentations

TED Talk Outline

Introduction Temple Attendance Wishlist to Lifestyle The Problem Goals Money, graduating, health, spiritual Set goals—nothing happens How to we get things done? Priorities Missionary planner Caused productivity, motivation, felt successful Not successful AFTER mission! Priorities changed Can’t just change priorities because you think you should Priorities went from baptize converts to be entertained How do… Continue reading TED Talk Outline

Professional Presentations

Stand-Alone Presentation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXLLxwK9Yws&t=53s The Stand-Alone Presentation I chose to create is a comic strip video based off of a story idea my roommate has. The video follows the origin story of how Bruce, a typical 14 year old boy, becomes a superhero. The story is told from the perspective of Beck, his 7-year-old brother. Bruce is a… Continue reading Stand-Alone Presentation

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Black and White Ad Campaign

Great things come in black and white. Especially when it's made by Nabisco, and they're Oreo's. Nabisco made a really great ad campaign for Oreo, and I created another ad as part of the same campaign for my wonderful design class. I also created and designed a slide presentation to point out the various elements… Continue reading Black and White Ad Campaign